Workshop – Data Science in Cell Imaging

The Company of Biologists Workshop ‘Data Science in Cell Imaging’ took place at Wiston House, West Sussex (UK) between 2 – 5 February 2020.

Cell imaging has entered the “Big Data” era. New technologies in microscopy and molecular biology

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From stem cells to human development group

Who better to tell you than someone who has been to one? Antonio Barral Gil, a PhD student in Miguel Manzanare’s Lab at CNIC (The Spanish Center for Cardiac Research) in Madrid, attended Development’s Meeting “From stem cells to human development” in September 2018.

Extending the reach of zebrafish models

The 9th Zebrafish Disease Models Meeting in Singapore was held with the aims of promoting zebrafish as a model system for the analysis of human disease mechanisms amongst the scientific community in Asia, bringing together those already engaged in zebrafish research, and exchanging ideas, methodologies and new findings.

Experimental neuroscience takes to the hills

The Transylvanian Experimental Neuroscience Summer School (TENSS) grew from an idea shared between Florin Albeanu and Raul Mureşan during a conference in Romania in 2010. Two years later, the first TENSS took place on the shores of Pike Lake in the picturesque province of Transylvania, Romania.

Inspiring African scientists

Inspiring African Scientists

In 2006 Lucia Prieto, a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, UK, and Sadiq Yusuf, a Professor at the Kampala International University, Uganda, met while attending a Neural Systems and Behaviour course in Woods Hole, MA. They realised a similar course would be invaluable in Africa – particularly as very few scientists on the African continent made use of Drosophila and other insects for neuroscience research, despite their considerable advantage.

Five years later they launched a course in Uganda focused on teaching inexpensive yet cutting-edge research topics in biological sciences. Their first course

Workshop – Chromatin-Based Regulation of Development

The Company of Biologists Workshop ‘Chromatin-Based Regulation of Development’ took place at Wiston House, West Sussex (UK) between 14 -17 April 2019.

Organised by Benoit Bruneau and Joanna Wysocka, the workshop fostered an open

A focus on DNA repair and cancer

The DNA in our cells is subject to daily damage from metabolic agents and environmental factors, but most of this damage is successfully repaired by natural systems throughout the cell cycle. However, accumulation of DNA damage due to failures in these natural repair systems is an important risk factor in cancer development.

Developing skills in invertebrate embryology

In June 2016, students and post-docs from China, Colombia, Mexico, Germany, USA, India and Russia attended the Second International Summer Course on the embryology of marine invertebrates at the White Sea Biological Station attached to Moscow State University (WSBS MSU).

Promoting global knowledge

The Japanese Society for Developmental Biologists (JSDB) has long understood the importance of global exchange of ideas and learnings and has been increasing its internationalisation efforts as a result. Today all of the talks at its annual meeting are held in English and incorporate a joint symposium with an overseas developmental biology society.

In 2008, JSDB co-organized its annual meeting with the International Society of Developmental Biologists (ISDB). Since 2010, the JSDB has been co-hosting its annual meeting with the

Extending opportunities in microscopy

Attendees at the annual course in advanced optical microscopy at the Plymouth Laboratory of the Marine Biological Association - a course supported by The Company of Biologists

The annual course in advanced optical microscopy at the Plymouth Laboratory of the Marine Biological Association is one of the most important in the world. The ten days are unusual in combining basic training in optics and practical work with optical benches, with an intensive schedule of lectures in topics ranging from bioluminescence to laser physics. Every year microscope equipment exceeding 2 million pounds in value is brought into the Plymouth Lab by the manufacturers and

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