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About the Board of Directors

We are privileged to have a Board of Directors who give their time to The Company of Biologists without payment. They are experienced, senior scientists from a range of life science and clinical research backgrounds, who believe in the importance of what the Company does and who are dedicated to furthering its influence. Let’s meet some of them:

Göran Nilsson

17 July 2015 Professor Göran Nilsson has long been interested in animals that can do the extreme. His research group at the University of Oslo has studied adaptations to variable oxygen levels in the brain, heart and respiratory organs of various animals that can survive without any oxygen for months. It has also studied the effects of elevated CO2 and temperature on the physiology of marine fishes, to find out how they will cope with the predicted increases in ocean temperature and acidity. A simple experiment recently reminded Göran how biology has the ability to excite. He was studying changes in the behaviour of ...

Laura Machesky

17 July 2015 Professor Laura Machesky leads the Migration, Invasion and Metastasis research group at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow, UK. The group aims to understand the control and mechanisms of actin assembly in various normal and cancer cells with the hope to understand fundamental aspects of cell movement. Laura’s defining moment in science happened when looking down a microscope one Saturday afternoon ...

Kate Storey

17 July 2015 Kate Storey’s early career took her from the University of Sussex where she obtained a BSc in Neurobiology, via a PhD with Michael Bate at Cambridge, to post-doctoral research with David Weisblat at the University of California at Berkeley. Returning to the UK and the University of Oxford she continued post-doctoral research with Claudio Stern before establishing her own independent research group. In 2000, she moved her group to the College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee. ...


List of Directors

Prof Sarah Bray
Genetics, Molecular Biology & Development Biology, University of Cambridge.  UK.

Dr Julian Burke
Molecular biologist by background and the Chief Scientific Officer for Leica Microsystems, a Danaher Corporation.  UK.

Prof Sadaf Farooqi
Professor of Metabolism and Medicine, University of Cambridge, UK.

Prof Matthew Freeman, FRS
Cell biologist and Head of the Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford.  UK.

Prof Clare Isacke
Cancer cell biologist and Academic Dean at the Institute of Cancer Research.  UK.

Prof Jane Langdale, FRS
Plant developmental biologist with an interest in the evolution of developmental mechanisms.  UK.

Prof Sally Lowell
Developmental and Stem Cell Biologist at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh.  UK.

Prof Laura Machesky, FRSE
Cell biologist at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research.  UK.

Dr Sean Munro, FRS
Cell biologist and Head of the MRC-LMB’s Division of Cell Biology.  UK.

Prof Göran Nilsson
Animal physiologist, Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo.  Norway.

Prof Peter W J Rigby, FRS, FMedSci
Developmental biologist at The Institute of Cancer Research and Chair of the Board of the Babraham Institute.  UK.

Prof Stephen Royle
Cell biologist at the Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology, University of Warwick.  UK.

Prof Daniel St Johnston, FRS
Developmental biologist and Director of the Gurdon Institute.  UK.

Dr Holly Shiels
Cardiac physiologist at the Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Manchester.  UK.

Prof Kate Storey, FRSE 
Developmental biologist and Head of the Division of Cell & Developmental Biology, College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee.  UK.

Prof Alan Wilson
Researcher into the anatomy and mechanics of animal locomotion and veterinary surgeon. Head of the Structure & Motion Laboratory at the Royal Veterinary College.  UK.





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