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Upcoming Workshops 2020

The Cytoskeleton Road to Neuronal Function

Organisers: Andrew Carter, Carsten Janke and Oren Schuldiner

Date: 19 – 22 April 2020

Venue: Wiston House, West Sussex, UK

2020 Vision: Building Bridges in Visual Ecology

Organisers: Eleanor Caves, Sönke Johnsen and Lorian Schweikert

Date: 14 – 17 June 2020

Venue: Wiston House, West Sussex, UK

Inflammaging and Regeneration: Pain or Partnership?

Organisers: Helen Blau and Nadia Rosenthal

Date: 19 – 22 July 2020

Venue: Wiston House, West Sussex, UK

Cell State Transitions: Approaches, Experimental Systems and Models

Organisers: Kevin Chalut and Austin Smith

Date: 18 – 21 October 2020

Venue: Wiston House, West Sussex, UK

Toxic Metabolites in the Biology of Ageing and Cancer

Organisers: KJ Patel and Liz Patton

Date: 15 – 18 November 2020

Venue: Wiston House, West Sussex, UK


Upcoming Workshops 2021

Collective Cell Migration: From In Vitro to In Vivo

Organisers: David Bryant, Nir Gov, Laura Machesky and Denise Montell

Date: 17 – 20 January 2021

Venue: Wiston House, West Sussex, UK

The Biology and Physics of Left Right Patterning

Organisers: Gonca Erdemci-Tandogan and Daniel Grimes

Date: 7 – 10 February 2021

Venue: Buxted Park, East Sussex, UK

Developmental Metabolism and the Origins of Health and Disease

Organisers: Sally Dunwoodie and Alex Gould

Date: 18 – 21 April 2021

Venue: Wiston House, West Sussex, UK

Single Cell View 3D Genome Architecture

Organisers: Sringjan Basu, David Lando and Tim Stevens

Date: 27 – 30 June 2021

Venue: Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire, UK

Novel Technologies for Programming Human Cell Fate

Organisers: Marisa Karow, Samantha Morris and Barbara Treutlein

Date: 11 – 14 July 2021

Venue: Buxted Park, East Sussex, UK

Creative Science Writing Workshop

Organisers: Buzz Baum, Enrico Coen, Mark Miodownik and Jennifer Rohn

Date: 26 – 29 September 2021

Venue: Buxted Park, East Sussex, UK

Inside Out: New Frontiers in the Comparative Physiology of the Vertebrate Gut

Organisers: Carol Bucking and Chris M. Wood

Date: 7 – 10 November 2021

Venue: Buxted Park, East Sussex, UK


Workshops archive

Explore previous Workshop topics through our video interviews, meeting reports and photo galleries. From neural stem cells through obesity and genome engineering to evolution of the human neocortex, mitosis and more.

Propose a new Workshop

If you have a vision for such a meeting but don’t have the time to arrange the logistics or raise the funding, then please contact us. We are seeking proposals for future Workshops and provide all necessary support.

Statement on the novel coronavirus (Covid-19)

If you are planning to attend one of our 2020 Workshops being held in the UK, we recommend that you refer to, and act upon, the latest information and advice from both:

  • the government of the country from which you are travelling and
  • the UK government

Please also use your own judgement about whether you feel comfortable to travel and attend our events.

Should you have any concerns or questions, please contact our Events Team: workshops@biologists.com

Best practice for participants

The Company of Biologists is committed to providing a safe and productive meeting environment that fosters open dialogue and the exchange of scientific ideas, promotes equal opportunities and treatment for all participants.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all participants, including delegates, speakers, visitors, exhibitors, service providers and staff. Please download for more information.

Early-career researchers

We offer 10 funded places for early-career researchers to attend our Workshops.

Workshop – Chromatin-Based Regulation of Development

The Company of Biologists Workshop ‘Chromatin-Based Regulation of Development’ took place at Wiston House, West Sussex (UK) between 14 -17 April 2019.

Organised by Benoit Bruneau and Joanna Wysocka, the workshop fostered an open …

Why apply for a funded place at one of our Workshops?

Early-career researchers can apply for a funded place at one of our Workshops. This is a great opportunity that could enhance your career in various ways. Watch the video to hear from some of our previous attendees on why they applied and how it has benefited them.

The Workshop Committee

The Workshop Committee is made up of a selection of our Directors from different scientific fields and includes:

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