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9 December 2021

The Company of Biologists organises Workshops that bring together leading experts and early-career researchers from a range of scientific backgrounds. The coronavirus pandemic didn’t dampen our enthusiasm, and we invested in online conferencing platforms which allowed us to host virtual Workshops in 2020/21. With in-person Workshops back for 2022, we thought it would be a good opportunity to explain what makes these events so valuable, particularly for early-career researchers.


The chance to interact with leaders in your field, on an equal footing

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Our Workshops help bring together researchers who might not interact in traditional conference settings. We gather 30 attendees from a range of different fields and career stages, and early-career researchers are given the same amount of time to present their work as senior scientists. Everyone at the Workshop is therefore on equal terms from the start. This creates a democratic and welcoming environment to help promote discussion amongst attendees.


The opportunity to exchange new ideas

With a friendly atmosphere established from the outset, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to discuss your work with other Workshop attendees. These discussions are often the starting points for new ideas or even collaborations. Since our Workshops are designed to be interdisciplinary, you are certain to speak with researchers outside of your area of expertise who might have different perspectives and skills to draw upon. We usually organise social activities, such as walks and dinners, to further encourage networking at the Workshops.


A beautiful setting where you can focus on the science

A group of people chatting on a lawn in front of a stately homeOur Workshops are hosted in beautiful locations, such as the historic Buxted Park and Wiston House, and the residential nature of the Workshops means that they are as free from distractions as possible. With The Company of Biologists handling all the logistics of organising and running the Workshop, you and your fellow attendees can fully immerse yourselves in the science.


Funded places for early-career researchers

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Each of our Workshops have ten funded places for early-career researchers, meaning that you only need pay for your own travel costs. Early-career researchers are usually defined as PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and first-position faculty members.


The chance to write for the Node

Where Workshops have a developmental biology focus, two early-career researcher attendees are selected to write a meeting report for the Node. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in science communications, get feedback on your writing, and enhance your profile on our community site for developmental and stem cell biologists.



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