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About Disease Models & Mechanisms

Disease Models & Mechanisms (DMM) exists to connect and support members of the disease research community, bridging the gap between clinician scientists and basic researchers.

DMM was created in response to the increasing number of researchers who were attempting to model human diseases in a range of experimentally tractable organisms. It is an online author-pays Open Access journal that publishes research articles across all disease areas and all model organisms. It is guided by an international team of research-active Editors, led by Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Patton. Articles must report substantial advances in the field and demonstrate high standards for ‘translational impact’ – increasing our understanding of disease mechanisms, developing new diagnoses or exploring new therapies.

DMM exists to connect and support members of the disease research community, bridging the gap between clinician scientists and basic researchers.

Beyond research papers, DMM publishes a range of informative pieces:

  • Resource articles – reporting the development of a novel technique or approach for studying disease
  • Commissioned articles – aimed at spurring new research and inspiring the next generation of scientists
  • Clinical Puzzles – in which clinicians identify a disease that would benefit from basic science research
  • Invited Review articles – highlighting, critiquing and analysing recent important findings in a defined field of basic or translational disease research
  • A Model for Life interviews with scientists and clinicians who sustain stellar careers and lead exemplary lives
  • At a Glance poster articles that double as handy lab references

Since its launch, DMM has grown in impact to become a highly regarded platform for studies that connect basic and applied science, a discipline known as translational medicine, but perhaps best described as ‘from bench to bedside’.

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Making the connection

12 April 2017

To investigate a potential relationship between herpes simplex virus infection and Alzheimer’s disease-related neuropathology, Eloise Mikkonen from the University of Tampere, Finland, was part of a collaborative project with researchers from Umeå University, Sweden. …

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