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Mutations in the splicing regulator Prp31 lead to retinal degeneration in Drosophila
Sarita Hebbar, Malte Lehmann, Sarah Behrens, Catrin Hälsig, Weihua Leng, Michaela Yuan, Sylke Winkler, Elisabeth Knust

Three-dimensional model of glioblastoma by co-culturing tumor stem cells with human brain organoids
Roberta Azzarelli, Michela Ori, Anna Philpott, Benjamin D. Simons

A mouse model displays host and bacterial strain differences in Aerococcus urinae urinary tract infection
Nicole M. Gilbert, Brian Choi, Jingjie Du, Christina Collins, Amanda L. Lewis, Catherine Putonti, Alan J. Wolfe

Specificity and off-target effects of AAV8-TBG viral vectors for the manipulation of hepatocellular gene expression in mice
Christos Kiourtis, Ania Wilczynska, Colin Nixon, William Clark, Stephanie May, Thomas G. Bird


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