How do we encourage and support sustainability?

Conference organisers have already taken important steps towards sustainability – for example through virtual and hybrid events. But, to become greener still, they need help to overcome a number of logistical and financial barriers.

Key objectives of The Company of Biologists’ Sustainability Initiative:

  • Through our grants, we promote the use of new technology and greener modes of travel.
  • Through our blog posts, we showcase examples of sustainability in action and share experience about how new technologies and conference formats work in practice.

Meet our team

Members of The Company of Biologists’ Board of Directors:

Professor Sally Lowell, Developmental and Stem Cell Biologist at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh, UK

Dr Holly Shiels, Cardiac Physiologist at the Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Manchester, UK

Professor Laura Machesky, FRSE, Cell Biologist at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, UK

Why did we launch the initiative?

“I have become increasingly worried about the impact of conferences on the environment. We are all aware of how important conferences are to bring people together, so we have a problem.”

Professor Sally Lowell, a member of The Company of Biologists’ Board of Directors

In 2019, concerned about the environmental impact of conferences, members of our Board of Directors – Sally Lowell, Alastair Downie, Kate Storey and Holly Sheils – came up with the idea of a new initiative to encourage and support sustainability.

They wanted to provide technical, logistical and financial support to help biologists make events more sustainable and, in 2020, The Company of Biologists’ Sustainability Initiative was born.

Any questions?

Would you like to apply for a grant from the Fund for Innovations in Sustainable Conferencing?

Sustainability Initiative in action

Which events have we funded?

The Forest of Biologists – our new biodiversity initiative

Keep up to date with the latest sustainability news

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