How to update contact information

  • Log into the admin dashboard.
  • Go to the “Institutional Summary” tab.
  • Select “Edit” under the section which you wish to edit.
  • Update information as required.
  • Select “Save Changes”

Where to find subscription information

  • Log into the admin dashboard.
  • Go to the “Institutional Summary” tab.
  • You can view your subscriptions, and download the information in an Excel spreadsheet, under “Current Subscriptions”.

How to update IP addresses

  • Following our partnership with theIPRegistry.org (a free service for libraries), IP address updates from registered institutions are communicated to us on a daily basis. If your institution is not currently participating in the IPRegistry, you can sign up here.
  • If you do not wish to participate in theIPRegistry.org, you can continue to send IP address updates to us at subscriptions@biologists.com.

How to add Shibboleth and OpenURL information

  • Log into the admin dashboard.
  • Click the “Access Options” tab.
  • Select “Edit” in the “Shibboleth Information” section or “Add OpenURL” in the “OpenURL” section as appropriate.
  • Add info and then select “Save changes”.

How to download usage reports and view SUSHI links

  • Log into the admin dashboard.
  • Click the “COUNTER R5 Reports” tab.
  • Select the date range.
  • Select the report you wish download from the list provided or choose to view the SUSHI link.

Where to find KBART records 

How to upload institutional branding

Librarian toolkit

Poster, social media graphics, website banners – all of which can be customised for your institution.

What do authors say about Read & Publish agreements?

Read & Publish guide for authors

See our step-by-step guide for corresponding authors.

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