The Company of Biologists and MALMAD

The Company of Biologists and MALMAD, an Israeli consortium of leading universities, are excited to announce a three-year OA Read & Publish Agreement from January 2020.  

The Company of Biologists is delighted to be the first publisher to agree a Read & Publish deal with MALMAD that permits researchers at participating institutions unlimited access to all three subscription journals, including the full archive from 1853, and allows accepted articles of corresponding authors to be published open access by default and without limit.

The establishment of Read & Publish deals represents an important step in our open access journey, as we seek a real and sustainable transition to an open research world. The MALMAD agreement provides an opportunity to facilitate transition in a robust manner.

MALMAD, the Inter-University Center for Digital Information Services, acts as a consortium for the acquisition, licensing, and management of digital information services to Israel’s universities and colleges. This inter-university cooperation and pooling of resources ensures that modern digital information services are provided more efficiently and at a lower cost-per-user.

Richard Grove, Commercial Manager at The Company of Biologists said:

“We are thrilled to sign a Read & Publish Agreement with MALMAD. As a small not-for-profit publisher the creation of Read & Publish agreements supports our authors and our mission to disseminate knowledge to the wider research community.”

Dr. Sigal Lahav Scher, MALMAD Director said:

“We are excited to reach our first Read and Publish agreement with The Company of Biologists, offering an affordable framework for Israel’s universities. This is a significant step in our efforts to accelerate full and immediate open access through transformative agreements as cost effectively as possible.”

For further information contact Richard Grove – subscriptions@biologists.com.

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