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Visualization of X chromosome reactivation in mouse primordial germ cells in vivo
Yoshikazu Haramoto, Mino Sakata, Shin Kobayashi

Quantitative analysis of signaling responses during mouse primordial germ cell specification
Sophie M. Morgani, Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis

Altered germline cyst formation and oogenesis in Tex14 mutant mice
Kanako Ikami,  Nafisa Nuzhat, Haley Abbott, Ronald Pandoy, Lauren Haky, Allan C. Spradling, Heather Tanner, Lei Lei

Loss of Elp1 perturbs histone H2A.Z and the Notch signaling pathway
BreAnna Cameron, Elin Lehrmann, Tien Chih, Joseph Walters, Richard Buksch, Sara Snyder, Joy Goffena, Frances Lefcort, Kevin G. Becker, Lynn George

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