Workshop – Evo-Chromo

25 March 2019

The Company of Biologists Workshop ‘Evo-Chromo: Towards an Integrative Approach of Chromatin Dynamics Across Eukaryotes’ took place at Wiston House, West Sussex, UK, from 4 to 7 November 2018.

Organised by Frederic Berger and Ines Anna Drinnenberg, this workshop explored the following new fields of research:

  • Expansion of genomic and proteomic data mining to reconstruct the evolutionary trajectories of chromatin composition and regulation
  • New tools to access and combine the extensive genomic data in a large range of organisms for comparative genomics
  • Impact of chromatin on Genome dynamics
  • New experimental tools and model systems to explore the diversity of chromatin
  • The reciprocal impacts between chromatin dynamics and evolution of genome architecture

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