Intern – Sarah Morson

7 December 2017

In the autumn of 2017 I undertook my PIPs internship at The Company of Biologists, the publisher behind five major journals including Development – the journal which hosts the community site the Node. I was keen to experience the publishing side of science, and see what a non-academic career in science could be like.

Aidan Maartens (the Node Community Manager) and Sarah Morson (intern).

My role during this time was the intern on the Node, the community site for developmental biologists. I worked on the day-to-day running of the site, managing the social media and commissioning written pieces from researchers whose recent papers told fascinating developmental biology stories. I undertook the project of re-designing the resources section of the Node with a new focus on advocacy and outreach, integrating the BSDB outreach resources pages. My aim here was to provide resources to help researchers with all aspects of research and outreach, and the new Resources section is now live on the Node.

I had weekly meetings with my two mentors, Aidan Maartens and Katherine Brown, to discuss my progress, and I also had opportunities to learn more about the academic publishing process both through conversations with my mentors and lunchtime presentations. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the company, interacting with the developmental biology community and reading about topics far outside my usual reading. The structure of the internship paired with the independence to work on my projects made it an excellent experience and has enlightened me to many possible career options beyond academia.

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