Continuing our commitment to the Global South

15 March 2023

Map of the world with Global South countries highlighted in red

As we open applications for 2025 Workshop proposals, we are delighted to announce that one of these Workshops will again be reserved for organisers based in a Global South (GS) country*. This initiative was launched in last year’s application round and is part of our commitment to diversifying our Workshop programme so that we can support a wider selection of research communities around the world.

Working together with organisers from the scientific community, The Company of Biologists runs Workshops that bring together leading experts and early-career researchers from a range of scientific backgrounds. Last year, we reserved a place on our 2024 Workshop programme for an application from a GS country, and we were delighted with the response this received. “We had a very tough task to decide on which Global South Workshop we would support,” said Steve Royle, Chair of the Workshop Committee. “We had 12 applications that were all very high quality.”

Landscape of a countryside with a river running through
View of the Sabie River from Skukuza camp in Kruger National Park.

After much deliberation, the committee announced that the 2024 GS Workshop will be held in Kruger National Park, South Africa, organised by Kênia Bícego (São Paulo State University, Brazil) and Andrea Fuller (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa). The meeting will have a comparative physiology focus. Kênia’s research centres on body temperature regulation, metabolism and cardiorespiratory physiology in vertebrates, and Andrea is exploring mammalian thermal physiology and wildlife conservation physiology.

“Our inaugural Global South Workshop will be ‘How Global South research can shape the future of comparative physiology’,” said Steve. “The Committee felt that this Workshop had the potential to really stimulate comparative physiology studies in the Global South by scientists working in those regions.”

Kênia and Andrea are excited by the opportunity to spotlight the comparative physiology research being conducted in the southern hemisphere, and to discuss ways of maximising its potential. “I think it is urgent to discuss the contributions of scientists from the South Hemisphere, especially South America and Africa, in the field of comparative physiology.” Kênia explained. “Most importantly, what the real limitations for these scientists being more active in the field are and how to reduce them.”

Andrea Fuller (left) and Kênia Bícego (right)
Andrea Fuller (left) and Kênia Bícego (right) are the organisers of our inaugural Global South Workshop.

The Workshop will take place in one of Africa’s largest game reserves, and Andrea added that she was looking forward to “sharing the incredible Kruger National Park, a place where I have done much of my research, with the attendees. And interacting with comparative physiologists from around the world, particularly the early-career researchers from the Global South.”

Organising a Workshop with The Company of Biologists allows you to focus on the science, while all the logistical arrangements are taken care of for you. The Workshops are also entirely funded by The Company of Biologists, so you won’t need to secure additional funds or sponsors.

As part of our commitment to supporting researchers in GS regions, we will also be providing travel grants to early-career researchers who are selected to attend (subject to application and eligibility). Accommodation and food will also be covered during your stay at Kruger National Park. We hope that these funded opportunities will open the Workshop up to more researchers from Africa and the wider GS regions.

In addition to the dedicated GS Workshop, we will also be taking applications for our usual programme of UK based Workshops. Please see the website for more details: biologists.com/workshops/propose-new-workshop

A cottage in the national park
A cottage in Skukuza camp, Kruger National Park.


*For a list of GS countries, please refer to this website. Note that we also include Mexico as eligible.

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