Pablo Sanchez Bosch, Stanford University, USA

The ability to publish Open Access in Biology Open for free under the Read & Publish agreement with Stanford was very convenient. I am happy that The Company of Biologists and universities are taking steps to make open science more convenient for authors. APC charges can be a barrier to Open Access publishing so I hope other publishers follow this example.

Professor James C. Liao, University of Florida, USA

I’m very appreciative to the University of Florida and The Company of Biologists for enabling cost-free, open access publishing through the Read & Publish agreement. More scientists can immediately gain access to our work, and the money saved on my NSF grant can be used to support and train my graduate students and postdocs. A win-win situation!

Sung-Chul Moon, The Korea University of College Library Association, Republic of Korea

The KCUE Consortium is a joint purchasing consortium of university libraries in the Republic of Korea. The 2024-2026 Read & Publish agreement with The Company of Biologists is the second Open Access conversion agreement for the KCUE Consortium. With this contract, universities have secured both The Company of Biologists’ journals and Open Access publishing rights and can contribute to the spread of open science, where academic research outputs are freely available not only to university researchers but also to anyone in the world. In the future, the KCUE Consortium plans to accelerate Open Access conversion agreements with more publishers.

Sawako Kojin, Chair of the steering committee, JUSTICE, Japan

With JUSTICE’s agreement to The Company of Biologists’ Read & Publish proposal, we are pleased to introduce a model for promoting open access in the field of biology for Japanese universities. JUSTICE believes in the importance of a healthy ecosystem for the distribution of scholarly information. We hope that the agreement with The Company of Biologists, a non-profit publishing house, will provide an opportunity to expand the diversity within the publication, rather than solely focusing on large commercial publishers.

Professor Niles Pierce, California Institute of Technology, USA

I value publishing with Development because of their scholarly approach to the editorial process using academic editors. For our most recent paper, I found out that they have a new Read & Publish partnership with Caltech that makes it free for authors to publish and free for everyone else to read our article from day one. Thank you for setting up this great program! Let’s hope many more journals follow suit.

Dr Ming-Hsuan Wen, University of Cambridge, UK

I am excited to share that our research paper on somatic cell nuclear reprogramming for clinical use has been published in Biology Open. Thanks to the University of Cambridge’s Read & Publish agreement with The Company of Biologists, we were able to make the publication open access with APC free. With this support, we have fulfilled our funders’ request for open-access publication to promote collaboration and transparent sharing of research findings.

Dr Elisa Thoral, Lund University, Sweden

In research, it is essential to have access to knowledge, and therefore to the numerous articles published in all the different fields. For this reason, I am grateful that Lund University is part of the Read & Publish  agreement with The Company of Biologists, which has enabled me to publish my latest article in Biology Open in an Open Access format.

Dr Kim Wan-Jong, Korea Institute of Science and Information (KISTI), Korea

It is a great pleasure to announce the inclusion of The Company of Biologists in the KESLI Consortium through their committed Read & Publish agreement. This agreement marks a significant step in the long journey to full Open Access. Through the Korean E-resource Service for Library (KESLI) Consortium, we will cooperate with Open Access innovators, including global publishers and the research community, to advance Open Access in the Republic of Korea.

Associate Professor Dorothea Schulte, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

I am delighted that the Read & Publish agreement between The Company of Biologists and Goethe University Frankfurt allowed me to publish our latest article in Journal of Cell Science Open Access free of charge. It is extremely important that peer-reviewed scientific results are made freely available as soon as possible and by as many as possible. The entire Open Access process was simple, straightforward, author-friendly and, like the entire publishing process with The Company of Biologists, a thoroughly positive experience.

Affiliate Research Professor Frederic Shapiro, Northeastern University, USA

We are extremely pleased with the recent publication of our article in Biology Open. The APC-free option provided by the Read & Publish agreement between The Company of Biologists and our institution (Northeastern University, Boston) has greatly enhanced presentation of our work and allowed us to channel financial resources directly to continuing the research.

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