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Dr Rickesh Patel, Lund University, Sweden

Dior Kelley, Iowa State University, USA

I was so happy to publish this article in Development fee-free. It was a lifesaver for me because this project was supported by my institutional start-up funds, which expired last year. This Read & Publish agreement allowed us to get our work out there in the best way possible, as an Open Access publication, but without the major costs as is typical for some other journals. Also, I loved how quickly the publishing process was with Development.

Professor Robb Krumlauf, Stowers Institute, USA

I am delighted that the Stowers Institute has a Read & Publish agreement with The Company of Biologists because it ensured the research published in Development was freely and rapidly available to a wide audience.  This was important to us, as our work on this project involved interdisciplinary approaches that are relevant for people in diverse fields. We wanted the scientific community to be aware of our findings and have free access to the information in a timely manner.

Dr Rafael Gois De Almeida, Edinburgh UK

I am delighted that my institution has a Read & Publish agreement with The Company of Biologists. This meant that by choosing to send our team’s first manuscript to the fantastic journal Development, the submission process was straightforward, cost-free, and worry-free, and we benefitted from great editorial support – all of which are invaluable as a newly established group. This has led to a publication that everyone can access, which will hopefully amplify its impact. We look forward to publishing more Open Science with The Company of Biologists!

Dr Tetsuya Takeda, Okayama University, Japan

I was very lucky that my institution was participating in the Read & Publish initiative of The Company of Biologists. It encouraged us to choose the Open Access option for our paper published in Journal of Cell Science. This is a great system to make our up-to-date publications more broadly accessible to anyone and anywhere in the world. The achievements of science should be the common property of all mankind.

Dr Emma Rawlins, Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge, UK

The Read & Publish agreement between The Company of Biologists and the University of Cambridge made my life so easy. I could send my manuscript to Development knowing that, if accepted, publishing in my favourite journal would be straightforward, comply with my funder’s requirements and be free at point of use. All that plus a free tree in The Forest of Biologists!

Professor Ian Collinson, University of Bristol, UK

Yet another professional and pain free handling of our manuscript at Journal of Cell Science, and the Read & Publish agreement with University of Bristol meant it was fee-free for us to publish Open Access, allowing everyone to read our paper immediately.

Dr Fisun Hamaratoglu Dion, Cardiff University, UK

Nice deal for readers and authors: Published Open Access without having to pay for it from my limited funding . Thanks to Cardiff University and The Company of Biologists.

Professor Jeremy E. Niven, University of Sussex, UK

It was great to discover that the University of Sussex library had signed a Read & Publish agreement with The Company of Biologists. It made publishing an article in Journal of Experimental Biology very straightforward. It’s important for labs like mine that have relatively little funding. It also supports open academia, ensuring anyone can read the work, which was important to me and the early-career researchers in my lab.

Professor Dagmar Iber, ETH Zürich

I very much welcome the Read & Publish agreement between my institution and The Company of Biologists as I support everything that stands to encourage more Open Access publishing of research. #OpenScience

Dr Phil Elks, University of Sheffield, UK

DMM is well respected in my field and I was delighted to publish our research here. Alongside being a publisher, The Company of Biologists do a stellar job in their support of the scientific community. The Read & Publish agreement with University of Sheffield makes it even more attractive to publish in this collection of journals, allowing immediate Open Access for all.

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