What do librarians say?

In this video, Judith Russell, Dean of University Libraries at the University of Florida, talks about her experience of negotiating a Read & Publish agreement with The Company of Biologists.

Cathy Austin, Mississippi State University, USA

"Mississippi State University faculty researchers can publish an uncapped number of Open Access research articles in the journals Development, Journal of Cell Science, Journal of Experimental Biology, Disease Models & Mechanisms, and Biology Open, without paying an article processing charge (APC). This is great since it will provide free scholarly Open Access publications for other researchers at no cost to MSU authors."

Erik Lindgren, University of Turku, Finland

"We are happy to offer the researchers of University of Turku a chance to publish Open Access in The Company of Biologists’ journals without extra costs, and that we are the first organisation in Finland to do so. University of Turku is dedicated to supporting OA publishing with transformative agreements. This agreement with The Company of Biologists is a good example of how we can transfer costs from reading to publishing which will also be the goal for agreements with other journal publishers in the future."

Mac Anthony Cobblah, University of Cape Coast, Ghana

"We are very pleased to be the first library to sign up to the Read & Publish agreement between The Company of Biologists and EIFL. Our researchers can now benefit from access to Development, Journal of Cell Science and Journal of Experimental Biology. It is also great that corresponding authors in Ghana can publish Open Access research articles in these leading journals without charge as a result of the agreement."

Chiratidzo Chatikobo, University of the Witwatersrand Library, South Africa

"For the University of the Witwatersrand, The Company of Biologists’ Read & Publish agreement has been well received. This agreement is a great relief to our academics who could not publish due to failure to secure APC funding."

Dr. Katrin Seyler, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

"On behalf of our researchers, FAU is delighted to be the latest research institution to join The Company of Biologists’ Publish & Read Initiative. As one of the major contributors to the Open Access transformation in Germany we are pleased to enter an agreement with The Company of Biologists that reflects the underlying values of the Open Access movement and increases the reach of our authors’ vital work in the fields of biology, molecular pediatrics and animal physiology amongst others. We are looking forward to an ongoing collaboration with The Company of Biologists in line with our commitment to work towards opening up international research communication."

Ellen Dubinsky, University of Arizona, USA

"We look forward to working with The Company of Biologists to help speed the transition of their hybrid journals to fully open access publications. The University of Arizona Libraries supports not only increasing the open access publication options of our university community but also accelerating the long-term transformation of the scholarly publication ecosystem."

Winnie Schats, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Netherlands

"The Netherlands Cancer Institute Scientific Information Service is very pleased to provide their patrons with an opportunity to publish Open Access in this first Read & Publish Agreement."

Dr. Roland Wagner, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

"We see transformative agreements as cost-effective steps towards the goal of achieving 100% Open Access to all scholarly publications."

Brendan Dalton, CSIRO, Australia

"CSIRO is looking forward to working with The Company of Biologists on the Read & Publish agreement. We’re committed to enabling Open Access to our research outputs. This is in line with our strategic direction to enter into transformative agreements with relevant scientific publishers enabling us to share our research effectively and equitably"

Kyle Brady, University of St Andrews, UK

"At the University of St Andrews we have long supported Open Access to research publications, and in recent years a large part of that support involves signing up to innovative and transitional open access deals which meet the needs of our researchers and the wider community. By signing up to The Company of Biologists’ Read and Publish deal we are now able to increase the quantity of OA articles authored by our researchers in the biological sciences, and at the same time reduce the admin burden by simplifying the OA ordering process."

Rachelle M. McLain, Montana State University, USA

"MSU Library’s Read & Publish agreement with The Company of Biologists will further advance open access research and scholarship at MSU. This is important because it means the work of MSU-affiliated authors who are publishing in their journals will be available to a larger audience because it is not behind the barrier of an online paywall."

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