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Travelling Fellowship stories

Covering the distance

13 March 2017

Marian Blanca Ramírez from the Institute of Parasitology and Biomedicine López-Neyra at the CSIC in Spain has been studying the effects of LRRK2, a protein associated with Parkinson’s disease, on cell motility and its association with stable microtubules. Her PhD research had led her to hypothesise that increased association between LRRK2 and microtubules might alter cell motility. To help her test this hypothesis, she applied for a Travelling Fellowship from the Journal of Cell Science to spend time in Prof Maddy Parson’s lab at King’s College, London, learning how to perform 2D and 3D cell migration assays. …

Collaboration spawns new findings

20 February 2018

The research project of PhD student Filomena Caccavale at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn in Naples, Italy, has focussed on the role of nitric oxide (NO) during embryonic and larval development of the cephalochordate Branchiostoma lanceolatum (amphioxus). …

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