Professor Harald Wolf, University of Ulm, Germany

Quite apart from the fact that Journal of Experimental Biology is my favourite journal, owing to both focus and breadth of my research interests, I was aware that my home university had a Read & Publish agreement with The Company of Biologists and that was actually a major reason for choosing JEB for our publication. I have been retired for 2 years now and thus would not have had any funds available to cover Open Access charges. It came as a pleasant surprise how little effort it was to obtain the APC waiver and the copy editing and the other publication services were also excellent.

Assistant Professor Elise M. J. Laetz, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

I was thrilled to find out that we could publish our article Open Access and for free due to an institutional agreement between
Journal of Experimental Biology and the University of Groningen. This streamlined our publication process and saved us the trouble of finding other funds to cover publication, which can be a barrier to Open Access publishing. My co-authors and I would like to extend our thanks to both institutions for brokering a deal that facilitates fee-free publication.

Dr Carlos Estella, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain

I extend my gratitude to the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in Spain and The Company of Biologists for their support in publishing our work in Development through the Read & Publish agreements, making it freely accessible. These invaluable initiatives facilitate the swift dissemination of our research discoveries to the public. Furthermore, they serve as a means of returning the public’s investment in science back to society.

Dr Paula Brunton, University of Edinburgh, UK

I was really pleased to learn that Journal of Experimental Biology was included in the Read & Publish agreement with the University of Edinburgh. This allowed me to publish my article open access, without the hassle of trying to establish whether there are any funds available to cover the cost. Hopefully more journals will follow suit and we will soon see an end to journal pay walls, so our science is open to everyone that wants to read it, as it should be!

Associate Professor Seb Dworkin, La Trobe University, Australia

I was very happily surprised, and delighted, to find that we could publish our recent article in Development as fee-free Open Access via the Read & Publish agreement with La Trobe University. The speed with which my article was available to read by the scientific community after acceptance was very impressive, and allowed for extremely rapid dissemination. A wonderful initiative.

Associate Professor Jennifer Hocking, University of Alberta, Canada

We chose to submit our article to Journal of Cell Science because of our high regard for the journal, unaware of the Read & Publish agreement with the University of Alberta. Once our article was accepted and we discovered that we would not have to use grant money to pay the publishing fee, it felt like Christmas morning! Also, the payment process was impressively quick and simple. The entire publishing experience was excellent and a journal from The Company of Biologists will certainly be the target for our next publication.

Associate Professor Penney Gilbert, University of Toronto, Canada

I am delighted that our Research Article was published immediately Open Access in Journal of Cell Science, and without having to pay an author processing charge, under the Read & Publish agreement between The Company of Biologists and University of Toronto. This means our work is quickly disseminated to the widest possible global audience without any barriers to access. It was also a great surprise to learn that a tree was planted on our behalf in The Forest of Biologists!

Ellen Tise, SANLiC, South Africa

SANLiC is excited to collaborate with The Company of Biologists to repurpose reading expenditure, enabling our researchers to publish in The Company of Biologists’ hybrid and fully Open Access journals at no fee. We need a world where under-resourced researchers can participate meaningfully in research production and dissemination. So, we are very pleased!

Professor Nanette Nascone-Yoder, North Carolina State University, USA

I was delighted to learn that Development was part of a Read and Publish agreement with NC State University.
Open access publishing was straightforward, convenient and saved precious research dollars.

Professor Neil Metcalfe, University of Glasgow, UK

I love the fact that my university has an arrangement with The Company of Biologists that allowed me to publish my article in Journal of Experimental Biology Open Access without me having to find the necessary funding – and it’s even better that The Company of Biologists is a non-profit organisation and that it plants a tree for every paper published. I wish all journals offered to do the same!

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