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If you interact with us in other ways:

If you send your personal data to us, e.g. in an enquiry email, in a marketing communication, by providing your business card to an employee/representative of The Company or by other means, then we may use that personal data for any reasonable purpose that is connected with your interaction with us. Please do not send us the personal data of other people without first asking those other people to confirm to us that they consent to the sharing of their personal data in this way and that we may use it in connection with the above purposes or otherwise for a purpose that is reasonably connected to your interaction with us. Our lawful basis for holding and using this personal data is the legitimate interests of The Company as a not-for-profit publishing organisation dedicated to supporting and inspiring the biological community (or such other lawful basis as is applicable in the circumstances).

We may use personal data for marketing purposes (see Section 8 below) and will normally ask you to confirm your consent to marketing and your marketing preferences.

Where an individual (including an Author, Reviewer or Website User) expresses an opinion about another identifiable person, that information may constitute the personal data of that other person. The Company reserves the right (at its discretion) to delete or anonymise such personal data, but may be obliged to amend, delete or provide a copy of such personal data to that other person in response to a data subject request (see Section 6 below).

We may also collect personal data in connection with any actual or perceived conflict of interest. We will not intentionally collect conflict of interest data where the individual concerned is under the age of 18. Independence is important to the Company. In order to ensure that we operate fairly, we may ask our directors to tell us about any Related Person (as defined below). In addition, we may ask directors to inform us of any related party transactions which may give rise to a conflict of interest. Examples of a related party transaction include:
• Purchase or sales of goods or services;
• Purchases or sales of property and other assets;
• Donations of money or other assets;
• Provision of loans and guarantees;
• Gifts or services in kind.

As part of checking conflicts, we may collect: your name, relationship to the individual making the declaration and details related to any related party transaction, like your business interest and a description of the transaction (e.g. monetary amount). We do not collect special category data as part of our conflict checks. Special category data may include: racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data, health data, data concerning sex life and/or sexual orientation.

Our lawful basis for processing data related to related parties and related party transactions is the Company’s legitimate interest in order to avoid conflicts of interest and to run our organisation in a fair, impartial manner.

A “Related Person” are those individuals with a close connection to a director or member of staff of the Company and include, but are not limited to:
• Directors and members of their close family: children, stepchildren, grandchildren, parent, step-parent, spouse, sibling, mother in law, father in law, daughter in law, son in law, sister in law, or any person sharing the household (other than a tenant or employee);
• The domestic partner(s) of any of the above;
• The children of their domestic partner;
• Business partner of a related party;
• Other people who are financially dependent on a related party or have influence or control over the related party.


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