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If you are a Participant at our Workshops, Meetings and other events:

We collect certain information about participants at our events (e.g. name, postal address, email/social media address, telephone number, job title, qualifications, areas of scientific interest, log-in details, photographs/videos, audio recordings, payment information and bank details, details of participation, dietary and access requirements, feedback about the event and any personal data contained in any further correspondence in relation to our events). We use this information in order to manage and promote our workshops, meetings, webinars and other events.

If you are a participant at our events, we may include reasonable personal data about you in the event programme, literature and promotional materials.

We may include photographs/videos of our events in our promotional materials, which may include images of participants.

If you ask us to arrange travel for you, then we may need additional personal details including your nationality, passport, visa and insurance information and any particular requirements that you may have. If we need to include any medical information when making such arrangements then you must give us your explicit consent.

We may record some of our events meaning that presenters will have their image and audio captured. If you are a participant your image and audio may also be captured. For example, if you take part in a question and answer session, we may record your questions. We may record events that are in-person, virtual or a mix of in-person and virtual.

We may use these recordings to livestream the event to other participants who have not attended in-person. We may also publish recordings so others can view the event after it occurs. Published events may be viewed on and are provided to Vimeo (our current video hosting provider). We may also use recordings as a record of the event, to help train our staff and to provide better events in the future.

Where we record an event, we will always notify you in advance.

Our lawful basis for holding and using this personal data is the legitimate interests of The Company as a not-for-profit publishing organisation dedicated to supporting and inspiring the biological community and (as applicable) in order to perform contractual obligations owed to you or to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract.

Where we collect any information about dietary, access requirements or medical information, our lawful basis is consent. In some cases, the venue will directly contact you to collect this data. In which case, we will not have access to this data and you should read the venue’s privacy policy to understand how they process this data.

We share personal data connected with our events and activities with the following parties:

  • event venues and organisers world-wide who assist us with putting on our events;
  • IT suppliers who provide services related to recording, hosting and managing events. We currently use Vimeo and YouTube to host recordings of events. Vimeo and YouTube are based in the United States;
  • travel services providers world-wide;
  • relevant border and governmental authorities in relation to entry and visa requirements;
  • our banking partners who operate within and outside the UK and EEA; and
  • printers and graphic designers operating within the UK and EEA.

This page was last updated in May 2024.


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