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Journal of Experimental Biology Symposium 2025

Sensory Perception in a Changing World – Impacts on Physiology and Behaviour

Organisers: Almut Kelber, Sanjay P. Sane and Kathleen M. Gilmour

Date: 24-28 March 2025

Location: ACC Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

Animals rely on sensory information from their environment to make decisions about navigating their surroundings, foraging, growing, seeking mates and homes, evading predators, and reproducing. Their senses have evolved over millions of years to serve their physiological needs and behavioural repertoire, allowing them to survive and thrive in their habitats. Sensory perception, physiological responses and neuronally controlled behaviour allow species to respond to a range of ecological conditions – for instance, between day and night, or summer versus winter. They may also allow animals to react to rapid or unexpected changes such as forest fires, flooding or upwelling-driven hypoxia. However, many organismal responses and behaviours are so tightly coupled to specific sensory cues that they are easily disrupted. In a changing world, this limits the adaptability of the link between perception and functional response, leaving animals vulnerable to anthropogenic factors such as light pollution, climate change, the accumulation of plastic and other chemicals in the environment, and other human-wildlife interactions.

This symposium takes a broad, comparative approach to the sensory control of physiological mechanisms and behaviours. It highlights the effects of anthropogenic changes on all levels, from sensory information and transduction via neuronal coding, to stress responses and physiological and behavioural control.

The presentations from the meeting will be shared with the wider scientific community by being published as Review articles in a supplementary special issue of JEB in early 2026.


The programme will be available once all speakers have been confirmed.

All presentations will be published as a special issue of Journal of Experimental Biology in early 2026.


The Symposium will be held at the ACC Liverpool in Liverpool, UK, which is easily accessible by air from international airports at Liverpool and Manchester and by train from across the UK. The venue is in a stunning waterfront location in the heart of the historic Royal Albert Docks.

ACC Liverpool
Kings Dock
Liverpool Waterfront
Liverpool L3 4FP

Tel: +44 (0)151 475 8888
Website: https://www.accliverpool.com/



ACC Liverpool is about one mile from the Liverpool Lime Street train station and less than 10 miles from Liverpool John Lennon Airport. This airport serves mainly domestic and European destinations. The international airport at Manchester is about 35 miles away and there are various public transport options available to reach Liverpool.


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About JEB

Journal of Experimental Biology is the leading journal in comparative animal physiology. JEB publishes papers on the form and function of living organisms at all levels of biological organisation, from the molecular and subcellular to the integrated whole animal.

About JEB Symposia

The JEB Symposia were launched in 1979 at the suggestion of the then Editor-in-Chief John Treherne. Their aim was, and still is, to review knowledge and stimulate further research in an expanding topic of experimental biology and to bring together scientists from different areas to encourage cross-fertilisation of techniques and knowledge across specialisation boundaries. Since the first symposium on ‘Cellular oscillators’, the annual JEB symposia have covered a diverse array of topics within experimental biology, highlighting the relevance and power of the comparative approach to mainstream physiology.

The main aim of the JEB Symposia is to unite outstanding biologists and bring together their varied expertise on one particular subject.  It is a leisurely meeting with enough time to talk and to discuss.

In order that the proceedings of each symposium are made available to the community as soon as possible, speakers are invited to contribute a Review article to a ‘special issue’ of the journal. These special issues are freely available on the journal website at the time of publication.

Dependant care grant

We offer grants of up to £400 to help cover the costs of additional care for dependants while delegates/speakers are attending the meeting.

More details to follow.

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Manuscript submission

As part of the journal’s editorial strategy, all oral presentations will be published in the form of a Review article  in a special issue of Journal of Experimental Biology in early 2026.

Manuscripts should be a maximum of 7000 words (excluding title page, summary, references and figure captions), with up to 8 display items, and comply with our Submission Guidelines and Manuscript Preparation guidelines.

All invited Review articles for the JEB special issue should be submitted by 5 May 2025.

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