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From Stem Cells to Human Development

Organisers: James Briscoe, Prisca Liberali, Samantha Morris and Wei Xie

Date: 11 - 14 September 2022

Location: Wotton House, Surrey, UK

This meeting will be the fifth iteration of this highly successful Journal Meeting, which has been running every two years since 2014 (including virtually in 2020). Over the past four events, we have brought together a diverse group of researchers (both in terms of topic and demographics) united in their desire to better understand human development, and to do so using human cells and tissues. Since the first meeting in 2014, we have witnessed huge advances in the field, driven largely by technological advances such as organoid culture and single cell sequencing, and have seen significant expansion in the range of questions that can be now addressed using human systems. It is therefore more important than ever to provide a forum for researchers to come together and discuss the latest advances, and remaining challenges, in the field.

We hope this meeting will bring together researchers working on a diverse set of questions – from early cell fate choices in the human embryo to tissue organogenesis in all three germ layers, from epigenetic and other mechanisms underlying stem cell pluripotency and differentiation to methods for visualising and analysing the entire human embryo.

This meeting will be an in-person event, however we will be looking to make one of our sessions available to view virtually. More details will be released soon.

Featured image: CS (Carnegie Stage) 13 section of the thoracic neural tube of a human embryo stained with DAPI (blue) and b-tubulin (green).

Imaging by Teresa Rayon (The Francis Crick Institute). Embryo from HDBR.

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COVID-19 measures

We will require all of our attendees to be fully vaccinated to attend our in-person events. We will be following the latest government guidelines regarding safety measures and social distancing, but will also be taking scientific advice to make sure we are doing all that we can to protect our delegates. The safety of our delegates is paramount and we are likely to take a cautious approach in any measures that we introduce.

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