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Design of a 3D printed, motorized, uniaxial cell stretcher for microscopic and biochemical analysis of mechanotransduction
Noor A. Al-Maslamani, Abdulghani A. Khilan, Henning F. Horn

Cex1 is a component of the COPI intracellular trafficking machinery
Ludovic Enkler, Bruno Rinaldi, Johan Owen de Craene, Philippe Hammann, Osamu Nureki, Bruno Senger, Sylvie Friant, Hubert D. Becker

Palmitoylated small GTPase ARL15 is translocated within Golgi network during adipogenesis
Yixing Wu, Ying Bai, David G. McEwan, Liz Bentley, Dimitra Aravani, Roger D. Cox

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