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Enhancing NAD+ salvage metabolism is neuroprotective in a PINK1 model of Parkinson’s disease
Susann Lehmann, Samantha H. Y. Loh, L. Miguel Martins
Reprogrammable CRISPR/Cas9-based system for inducing site-specific DNA methylation
James I. McDonald, Hamza Celik, Lisa E. Rois, Gregory Fishberger, Tolison Fowler, Ryan Rees, Ashley Kramer,Andrew Martens, John R. Edwards and Grant A. Challen
Innovative approaches to establish and characterize primary cultures: an ex vivo 3D system and the zebrafish model
Chiara Liverani, Federico La Manna, Arwin Groenewoud, Laura Mercatali, Gabri Van Der Pluijm, Federica Pieri, Davide Cavaliere, Alessandro De Vita, Chiara Spadazzi, Giacomo Miserocchi, Alberto Bongiovanni, Federica Recine, Nada Riva, Dino Amadori, Ennio Tasciotti, Ewa Snaar-Jagalska, Toni Ibrahim
The Crumbs_C isoform of Drosophila shows tissue- and stage-specific expression and prevents light-dependent retinal degeneration
Stephanie Spannl, Alexandra Kumichel, Sarita Hebbar, Katja Kapp, Marcos Gonzalez-Gaitan, Sylke Winkler, Rosana Blawid, Gregor Jessberger, Elisabeth Knust
Cardiomyocyte­-specific expression of the nuclear matrix protein, CIZ1, stimulates production of mono-nucleated cells with an extended window of proliferation in the postnatal mouse heart
Sumia A. Bageghni, Georgia A. Frentzou, Mark J. Drinkhill, William Mansfield, Dawn Coverley, Justin F. X. Ainscough

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