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Cell biology in its broadest sense aims to understand how a cell, the basic unit of life, converts information stored within its genome into form and function in both space and time. Over its long history, Journal of Cell Science has aimed to encompass all aspects of cell biology in order to inform not only the inner workings of individual cells, but also how they react and respond to each other and their environment.

Journal of Cell Science is all about new thinking and scientific excellence in cell biology.

Journal of Cell Science publishes cutting-edge cell biology in the form of Research Articles, Short Reports, Reviews and Tools and Techniques articles. It also includes Cell Science at a Glance poster articles that provide timely, insightful and accessible overviews of particular fields or aspects of cell biological research. The journal is led by Editor-in-Chief Michael Way and a prestigious team of Editors who are research-active academics and leaders in their respective fields; they are supported by an outstanding Advisory Board that reflects all relevant areas in cell biology, including recently emerging fields. Journal of Cell Science is all about new thinking and scientific excellence in cell biology. Rigorous peer review and fair decisions form the bedrock of the journal and maintain Journal of Cell Science as a solid forum for communicating the best research. Journal of Cell Science keeps engaged with the community by sponsoring and supporting meetings, offering Travelling Fellowships to graduate students and post-docs and awarding an annual prize for the best eligible paper of the year. It also provides more candid insights through Mole and friends, who regularly offer their advice and perspectives on life in the lab to their loyal following.

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Marian Blanca Ramírez from the Institute of Parasitology and Biomedicine López-Neyra at the CSIC in Spain has been studying the effects of LRRK2, a protein associated with Parkinson’s disease, on cell motility and its association with stable microtubules. Her PhD research had led her to hypothesise that increased association between LRRK2 and microtubules might alter cell motility. To help her test this hypothesis, she applied for a Travelling Fellowship from the Journal of Cell Science to spend time in Prof Maddy Parson’s lab at King’s College, London, learning how to perform 2D and 3D cell migration assays. …

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