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Development is a leading primary research journal covering the field of developmental biology. With its long and prestigious history and its team of expert academic editors led by Olivier Pourquié, Development is committed to publishing cutting-edge research across the spectrum of animal and plant developmental biology. Over recent years, Development has expanded its focus to incorporate the stem cell and regeneration fields, with the aim of underscoring the close links between these growing communities and more traditional developmental biology.

Development sits at the heart of the developmental biology community, promoting and supporting the latest advances in the field.

It is an exciting time for developmental biology. New technologies in live imaging, genetic manipulation, genomics, in vitro modelling of developmental processes and computational biology are expanding our field in fresh directions, and allowing us to take advantage of an increasingly wide range of traditional and non-model organisms. Moreover, we now have an unprecedented opportunity to analyse and understand human development. Through the publication of high quality research, techniques and resources papers, Development seeks to reflect and support these diverse research areas.

Development also publishes a wide range of commissioned review-based articles aimed at synthesising the latest advances in the field, putting forward new hypotheses to provoke debate and inspire new research directions, and educating newcomers to the field.

Development supports the community through the provision of Travelling Fellowships for junior researchers, by financial support for conferences, and more recently, by organising our own meetings and through our community blog ‘the Node’.

Travelling Fellowships

We offer funding to graduate students and post-docs wishing to make collaborative visits to other labs.

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The benefits of global collaboration

the benefits

Mirana Ramialison has been able set up her own lab at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute in Melbourne – thanks in part to Development.

Mirana had been a bioinformatician post-doc in the laboratory of Prof. Richard Harvey, at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in Sydney. Her project consisted of deciphering the regulatory network that controls heart development and how this network might be perturbed in disease conditions, such as congenital heart disease. This involved genome-wide information obtained using a mouse cell line (HL-1 cells). Mirana wanted to …

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