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Progressive adaptation of whole-limb kinematics after peripheral nerve injury
Young-Hui Chang, Stephen N. Housley, Kerry S. Hart, Paul Nardelli, Richard T. Nichols, Huub Maas, Timothy C. Cope

The small G protein Arl8 contributes to lysosomal function and long-range axonal transport in Drosophila
Cláudia Rosa-Ferreira, Sean T. Sweeney, Sean Munro

A novel reporter allele for monitoring Dll4 expression within the embryonic and adult mouse
Alexander M. Herman, Alexander M. Rhyner, W. Patrick Devine, Sean P. Marrelli, Benoit G. Bruneau, Joshua D. Wythe

A transgenic zebrafish model for the in vivo study of the blood and choroid plexus brain barriers using claudin 5
Lisanne Martine van Leeuwen, Robert J. Evans, Kin Ki Jim, Theo Verboom, Xiaoming Fang, Aleksandra Bojarczuk, Jarema Malicki, Simon Andrew Johnston, Astrid Marijke van der Sar

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