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Recruited internships

Join our staff for 6-12 months. Your focus is likely to be on a content-related project, such as commissioning Reviews and writing news pieces. You’ll work with our experienced team, learn new skills and gain opportunities. Our interns have a great track record of continuing on into important publishing roles. Look out for one of our job adverts or express your interest by emailing recruitment@biologists.com.

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Intern – Rebekah Tillotson

In summer 2015, I carried out my PIPS at The Company of Biologists, a not-for-profit publisher producing five well regarded life science journals. I wanted to gain insight into scientific publishing to give me an advantaged position when thinking about how to publish my own research as an academic, and to gain experience in this sector as a possible career option.

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Sharon Ahmad (Journal of Cell Science), Rebekah Tillotson (intern), Katherine Brown (Development) and Rachel Hackett (Disease Models & Mechanisms and Biology Open).

Intern – Anna Bobrowska

In 2015 I spent nine months working as an Editorial Intern at Journal of Cell Science. Coming from a postdoc, this was my first foray into the non-academic world, which I undertook to gain experience to help me start a career in science publishing.

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Anna Bobrowska (Intern) and Sharon Ahmad (Executive Editor, Journal of Cell Science)

My primary project was to help start and run “Cell Scientists To Watch”, a new interview series with up-and-coming cell biologists. It involved coming up with questions, selecting and inviting candidates, as well as conducting, transcribing and editing the interviews.

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